Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ultima redaccion de mi semestre en el extranjero

(last post of my semester abroad)

On many of our travels Stephen would carry around a book to write stuff down about what we did and funny stuff that happened, and everytime he pulled it out we'd always imitate cheesey ways we thought he could write, so in honor of that I'll actually write this post that way.

Thursday 18 December, 2008
Dear Journal,

Well this is my last time writing in you, my trip is just about done. I cant believe its the last day already. I looked through a bunch of my pictures and some of them really do feel like yesterday, even though they were from september. Can you believe all the stuff I've told you about since that day arriving here in sun soaked Sevilla? I went to Cadiz and sat around on the beach, I went to Lagos, Portugal and climbed the cliffs, I went to Cadiz again and toured the history of it, I went to Madrid and saw the capitol city of this fantastic country, I went to Paris and ate cheese and french bread by the Eiffel Tower, I went to Morocco, Africa and got exposed to the muslim world (and food sickness), I went to London and saw the Remembrance Sunday Ceremony, I went to Rome and walked around the Colisseum, I went to the Vatican and saw the Pope, I went to Gibraltar and played with the wild monkeys on the Rock, I went to Cordoba with Amanda and toured the Mezquita-Cathedral, I went to Granada and admired the Alhombra, I went to the Sierra Nevada and snowboarded in a whiteout, I went to Barcelona and swam in the Meditarranean. I saw some of the best soccer in the world: Arsenal vs. Manchester United, Roma vs. Lazio, Sevilla vs. who cares it was a sevilla game, and Barcelona vs. Valencia. I had an internship in a company where nobody speaks english. I saw flamenco. I picked up the andalucian accent. I took classes all in spanish. I spoke with countless spaniards en la calle (in the streets) at restaurants and bars and stores. I lived with a family that got two new grandchildren. I sat with that family all packed in a small living room in a heatless apartment watching the clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid. I did so many things that I cant even think of right now. But I'll always remember them. I'll always remember how amazing this experience was for me. It didnt change who I am in an odd way like it sometimes does others. It just exposed me to a world outside of where I've always called home, and where I've only ever cared about and known about in the past. This adventure was also very difficult. I dont know if I'll ever again be faced with challenges harder than what I've faced. However I do know that I made a truly rightful decision to actually go through with it all. Its been long, its been hot, its been new, its been tough, its been lonely, its been fun, its been frustrating, its been interesting, its been cold, its been tiring, its been entertaining, its been expensive, its been short, its been real, its been spontaneous, its been thrilling, its been annoying, its been exciting, its been tasty, its been scary, its been enlightening, its been risky, its been rewarding. Its been ____????

Its been good.

Thanks, journal, for listen to everything I've said through all this.
Signing off now,

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